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Ban method: Ex-party leader Apple calls NPD “to take seriously”

In the process, a NPD prohibition of the Ex-Chairman Holger Apfel testified. His former party will be overestimated. And: Some of the members were still in the thought-world of national socialism. more.

The witness: Left-welcome.

Stephanie Schuster on the pub of Ex-NPD-Chef Holger Apfel in Mallorca; Stephanie shoemaker, 33, is editor of the in-Palma-appearing German-language Mallorca Zeitung. Last week, she visited the hangout of Ex-NPD-Chef Holger Apfel… more.

Ex-NPD-Chef-Apple-Mallorca’s tavern for a friendly Hetzer.

The former NPD chief Holger Apfel starts a new life as a guest host on Mallorca. As emigrants of the right-wing extremists now also Left and foreigners Shooting More than 40 Years of New York's Halloween Parade are welcome. Is he serious? more.

Holger Apfel: Ex-NPD-Chef opens Locally on Mallorca.

In the Winter, NPD chief Holger Apfel was forced to resign. Now the extreme Right has opened a Local in Mallorca, and says: “Left or people of other nationalities are welcome.” more.

NPD-mud battle: party a friend suggested that Holger Apfel suicide .

Holger Apfel. the allegations, will

Holger Apfel has left the NPD. In a statement, he speaks of a personal hate campaign against him – he had even been asked to teach a gun against himself. The malice against the former top official is great. more.

Ex-party boss: Apple resigns from NPD .

First, he gave up the presidency, now, Holger Apfel, the NPD returns, apparently, the whole of the back. The politician is, according to NDR Info from the extreme right-wing party. He comes to a threat of party expulsion proceedings before. more.

Extreme right-wing in crisis: Alliance of the NPD-hardline.

The NPD leadership’s distance to your Ex-Chairman of Apple, to Burnout alone is still hard to believe. A out of the litter seems to be only a matter of time. Hardliners Pastörs will now run for the time being, the bickering party and involves a former enemy. more.

Extreme right-wing in crisis: NPD-top threatens Apple with party exclusion.

The NPD is at a distance to your Ex-boss Holger Apfel. Rumours have it that he has not entered solely for reasons of health, back circulating. He should explain the allegations, will put a stop to his leaving the party close to, told SPIEGEL ONLINE from a crisis meeting of the Presidium. more.

Intra-party mudslinging: NPD in Chaos.

NPD in-chief Holger Apfel stepped down, officially because of a burnout. However, a statement from the right-wing extremists suggests that it was composed by the own comrades under massive pressure. In the party example, rages on, lots of mud. more.

Right-wing: NPD Chef Apple withdraws .

Holger Apfel, has resigned with immediate effect as NPD Chairman. As a reason, a speaker gave a serious disease, in the party there is talk of a Burnout. Apple state party internally is massively in the criticism. more.